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    Controlling the "depth" of

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    Is it possible, so that when you do multiple <UL>'s to control how
    deep the UL's are marked?  For example, it would defaultly look like
    this with multiple ULs and LIs:

    -- Code :
    Main Menu<ul>Fruits<ul><li>Apples</li><li>Oranges</li></ul></ul>

    -- Returns :
    Main Menu
        ● Fruits
            ○  Apples
            ○  Oranges

    -- But, what I want:

    Main Menu
        ● Fruits

    I am pretty sure you can do stuff like .whatever div div div { your
    css; } - so it will effect only a 3rd level embedded div (I believe
    thats the purpose, at least).  Is this how this would be done?  My
    experiments have all failed me.  Any advice would be greatly

    P.S.  I am forced into this due to the way that Joomla! lays out its
    menu system.  If you know about the Joomla 1.5 menu system, you will
    understand exactly what I am trying to do I think :)

    Thanks in advance!

    Re: Controlling the "depth" of
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    In article

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    No, you can't do this. The unordered list element takes only list
    elements, you cannot put ordinary character data.

    <ul>Fruits... is already wrong.


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