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I'd like to be able to allow keyboard navigation of the following page:
I saw a little javascript line that can set the focus on a form object
based on the ID so I guess I might be able to set an ID for each picture
and maybe make that work.

What I'd really like is to use the arrow key.

Currently if i tab 6 times then hit enter, it loads the next image from
the thumb, next time I tab 7 times, then 4 tabs to hit the "next" link.

Any way to make this work? If I could set the tab order with plain html
coding, I could redo each refresh with PHP so the next pic is the first tab.

Re: Control tabbing order

Paul Furman wrote:

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Quoted text here. Click to load it

Apparently it is possible using the tabindex attribute:

"The following elements support the tabindex attribute: A, AREA, BUTTON,

This will still require two tabs to jump down from the address bar.
Anyone know how to produce that with javascript perhaps? I hunted around
for a while without much luck.

What I'm talking about:

Page 1
tab twice and hit enter for next page
<a tabindex="3" href="index.htm">one</a>
<a tabindex="1" href="index2.htm">two</a>
<a tabindex="2" href="index3.htm">three</a>

Re: Control tabbing order

Paul Furman wrote:
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How would I adapt this script to find a particular <a> tag:

<BODY onLoad="document.forms.mail.body.focus()">

Re: Control tabbing order

OK I got it working:
IE unfortunately requires two tabs, Mozilla works with one tab. They
both need an enter key. I cheated a bit by simply setting tabindex=1 for
the first series & 2 for the next, etc.

It would be best to get javascript to highlight the first link
automatically, then it'd just take enter enter enter to scroll through
the gallery.

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