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Hi all you fine people!

I have scribbled an excuse of a page which you can find in .

I thought I would like to make the banner and the photo stay static while
the textcontent is scrolled. I set their postition values to 'fixed', and
it worked almost fine for some browsers, but suddenly I found out that the
scrollbar was missing when viewed with smaller screen. Although I guess
that I had some mistake somewhere, I decided to forget this idea for a
while, and changed all positions to absolute.

Yesterday I thought I would use the 'clipping:scroll' of the <div> where
the content is. The disadvantage of this is that the scrollbar would appear
in the middle of the page, and that there would be a horisontal scrollbar
as well, am I right? Can you point me  any other problems with this idea?

Someone has been crusified in this group for tampering the colour browser
windows scrollbar, but can you find it annoying or difficult, if the
scrollbar that is in the middle of the page is made to match better to the
page colours?

(With some older than ver4 browsers there might be some problems with the
looks and feels (uh) but they will be met later)


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