Content Managements Systems?

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What's the general thought on these?
Has anyone used Etomite? (

It seems to be perfect for "less involved" usage, just pasting a
block of content into a standard templated page.

For something a bit more involved (not that I'm doing that very well,
but I'm trying :-) ), there seem to be, ummm, difficulties.

Is it worth it, or too restricting.  OK, I know, "it depends"
questions, but some general thoughts would be helpful, possibly to
save me sloggin away at a no-hoper, if that's the case.

Mark Stanton
One small step for mankind...

PS I'm hoping this has cross posted properly rather than badly, we'll

Re: Content Managements Systems?

Usenet wrote:
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They exist. :)

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You may find this resource of use: /

All products have full-blown demo installations running (you can even
log in as administrator to see what the admin interface looks like).


Re: Content Managements Systems?

On Mon, 10 Apr 2006 15:34:47 +0100, Usenet wrote:

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It depends.

Ho ho ha ha hheeehehehe! Haa hahaha!Ha! ooh i crakka me up.  but seriously,

"it depends"

For me, if I have a smallish project that I know will not grow beyond a
coupla dozen pages, and will only ever be maintained by one person or so,
and does not need any features like calnedars or RSS feed or workflow
management or editorial oversight or whatever, then I go as simple as
possible --  a "header", a "footer", and include those into each page
using PHP's include() function. (Or the other way around, a "template"
that includes the *content* into the page based on one query string

If the project has greater needs, a CMS is probably the most scalable,
flexible, robust, featureful, etc. way to go.

Ask yourself:
What are your needs?
Who is updating the site?
How big is the site going to be?
Will it need additional features that a CMS could provide? (take a look at
all the "plug ins" for open source CMSes such as Mambo, NucleusCMS,
WordPress, and you will see what I mean)

If your needs are simple, then a CMS may be overkill.  Tweaking a
full-blown CMS to work (and look) exactly how you want can be a lot of
work.  Also, some are easier to tweak than others.  And by "tweak" I don't
necessarily mean "program complex features" but, rather, more basic stuff
like adding your own templates and layouts.  This can be rather involved.
(Over complicated, IMO)

But if you are happy with the out-of-the-box features and layouts of a
particular CMS, then by all means, use it.

Personally, I have found NucleusCMS to be the right balance of easy to
install, easy to use, easy to tweak (relatively easy), and yet flexible
and powerful.  WordPress is similar.  But go to
for some more info.


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