Content Management / Create editable regions

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A contact has a website that has certain sections they want to update

E.g. there might be a job opening position web page and latest news.

They have no experiance of HTML and want to be able to easily update the
relevant sections of the website.

Getting something like Dreamweaver seems a bit like overkill and the obvious
thing is a contnet management package.

However, I wanted to know how other people would go about adding the abilty
to have content management to a website that already exisits.

Also the website does not need to be dynamic from a database. In fact it
would be better if once the changes are made a static html page is generated
and this is just regenerated each time a change is made (which might be say,
twice a week).

Any input on this (or even point me to another newsgroup if this one is not
ideal) would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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