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I just have to share my hate for this:

When I call some people with cell phones, I get a voice that says "Please
enjoy the music while your party is reached", and then, I get some kind
of LOUD, HORRIBLE music.  I have to hold the phone away from my ear, and
I'm in an office, and my boss is looking at me strangely because she can
hear the music, too.

Why on earth would you choose this feature on your phone?  Why would you
think that I want to listen to YOUR favorite kind of music - it's
probably something I can't stand.  What's wrong with the regular ringing
noise we are all so familiar with?  It's bad enough that I have to listen
to dreadful muzak on hold, and now I am forced to listen to something
worse while I am waiting for someone to answer the damned phone!

This is much worse than music that automatically plays on a web site.  I
can turn off the speaker, or I can go to another web site.  I don't have
that choice with a phone call.

Who ever decided that this was a good feature to offer cell phone users
obviously never bothered to lurk in alt.html.

Ok, I'm done.... back to work - on your heads!

Adrienne Boswell at work
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Re: Completely OT - but a little related

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My favorite is "Killing Me Softly with His Song".

Re: Completely OT - but a little related

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This is generally when people have multiple phone numbers to ring.
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They chose the feature to have their multiple phones rung. They
generally do not choose the obnoxiously loud music as a feature, I don't

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These are mobile phone carriers who never met an obnoxious 'feature'
they didn't like. I use Google Voice to rung multiple phones. It doesn't
do the annoying music.

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