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I need to create a web page that complies with W3C accessibility guidelines.
The contains a columnar list that goes something like -

Col.1 = list structure, e.g. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc
Col. 2 = date point in col. 1 was actioned
Col. 3 = person who actioned point in col. 1

(e.g. lines that may or may not be viewed correctly when this message is
posted -

1 How to dig holes
                                   Date              Person
1.1 Dig a big hole        1.1.2006       B.Dagwood
1.2 Dig a little hole       2.2.2006       D. Bumstead


Now, I know that layout tables aren't W3C-compatible, but is it legitimate
to use a table for such as this?

Can I use a table for the whole thing, or should I create smaller tables for
those parts of the list where it is required (e.g. for lines 1.1-1.2,
2.1-2.5 etc)



Re: Combo table/list

BernieH wrote:
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Tables should be used for tabular data. The fact that you can desribe
what kind of information each column contains is a good indication that
this *is* tabular data. Remember to use table-header (th) elements for
the headers, of course.

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