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Hi all,

I've made two nice colorpickers, one of them which gives you the opportunity
to upload a picture so you can see your picture against a chosen background.

You can try them at: /
(english version)
or at: /
(dutch version)

They need you to have javascript enabled.

Comments and suggestions welcome.


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met een urineerzone in een zwembad.
Vroeger was ik knapper. Ik ben nu wat afgeknapt.
Ons verleden is droevig, ons heden is een catastrofe,
maar gelukkig hebben we geen toekomst.
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is that genius has its limits.
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there are a hundred with ignition trouble.
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but what you are doing and thinking is really what you are.

Re: color picker...

In alt.html  WebMaster said:

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i cant read orange on orange links and orange links on blue make my eyes

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are not necessarily the same as those held by brucie.

Re: color picker...

brucie wrote:

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Also, with sub-pixel positions of some TFTs, text on an oposite colour
background can look really trippy.

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