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Product manager asking question for not-so web savy programmers.

We created an Active-x plug-in, currently only ported to IE. It is
deployed from xml, using some xmslt, xml wrappers and we have what
looks like a desktop application running in a browser with an Active-X
component providing a graphic display window for some 3D content and it
takes script calls from the xml interface to do stuff.

If users visit a web page where we have this custom content loaded but
don't yet have the plug-in they see the app interface but the display
window has the tiny box with an X, all as expected.

We know that using an Objet tag with the class id and a codebase
parameter with a url is supposed to provide a path for the browser to
get the plug-in if it can't find it loaded locally.

I havent seen this work for us yet but I've looked at enough samples
out there to see that we do have it right.

My questions:
1. Is it possible to interject a dialog with the user, pop up a custom
message telling them what's the prob, etc.?

2. I actually want folks to register to get the plug-in (the whole evil
corporation thing). Can the link be to a form? I know that's not good
form but it's what daddy warbucks needs from me and I need the dunnage.

Any pointers will be appreciated.

Re: codebase, load plugin, message? wrote:
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Any content, other than PARAM elements, that you stick inside an OBJECT
appears when the OBJECT can't be rendered.

<object ...>
<p>This page requires our Fantastic Stuff plug-in to function, but you
don't appear to have it installed. Please <a href="foo">buy and download
the plug-in</a> to continue.</p>

The CODEBASE attribute can't point to a form. The browser wouldn't have
any way to know that you intend for it to redirect the user to it rather
than downloading plug-in code from it.

Re: codebase, load plugin, message?

That is awesome. It works like a charm. I really appreciate it.

Harlan Messinger wrote:
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