Closing HTML window from child frame

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Hi guys, I'm trying to create an HTML page that contains two frames.
The bottom frame should simply be some website, but the top frame needs
to have a close link to kill the window. I tried calling
'document.window.close()' from the child frame, but without success. I
then tried putting the 'close()' call in the parent page and calling it
from the child, but still without success.

Can anyone take a look at the HTML/Javascript below and let me know
where I'm going wrong?

 * * * * PARENT.HTML * * * *

    <TITLE>Parent page</TITLE>
  <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">
    function doClose() {
          alert('I have been called!');
  <FRAMESET ROWS="5%,95%">
    <FRAME SRC="child.html">
    <FRAME SRC=" ">

 * * * * CHILD.HTML * * * *

    <TITLE>Child frame</TITLE>
      <A HREF="javascript:parent.doClose();">
          <BIG> [ CLOSE WINDOW ] </BIG>

 * * * * END * * * *

Many thanks in advance

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