Client Side Compression

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Client side decompression (extracts and runs in your web browser without ne
ed of a server) is useful for places without server side compression like b
logs, cell phone applications, free hosting spots, storing local self extra
cting/executable web pages, standalone web page applications in HTML5 and m
ore. It can also come in handy for embedding codes to HTML, escaping codes  
for HTML/JavaScript, encoding code (why bother with base64 encoding that ma
kes everything 30% bigger, use our bzip packer instead for 50% smaller), ho
sting where you are limited space and/or bandwidth (server and/or get twice
 as much on a 10MB free web host), obfuscating your source codes (major obf
uscation on main page, but not compressors) and much more...

Images, JavaScript & CSS can be embedded right into a single webpage (less  
calls to external files means better performance)

Online tools to create your own client side compressed files:

Here is a demo of the PNG packer: It's a
 real PNG image compressor from a compiled C++ programmed application conve
rted using Emscripten to bytecode/Web Assembly. At first it was 2.8 MB, but
 I compressed it for client side (built in decompressor) to 614 KB, gzip ge
ts 590KB, so it's pretty damn close! I could get get better results using b
zip with the HTML packer (around 500KB), but this one extracts much faster

Here are some live unpacking speed tests: (smallest in th
e World) has some sample JQuery files that I compressed to less than half t
he size than even the "min" versions offered on See http://jsfi for a 18KB Hello World demo that has a complete JQuery f
ile embedded. If Microsoft or Google were to use those files instead on the
ir CND, they would save thousands of dollars on bandwidth every week and te
rrabytes of wasted data.

Re: Client Side Compression is a demo of a 2.1 MB web application minified and compressed with client side self extracting & executing bytecode JavaScript to 275 KB.

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