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because I've been trying to prepare a long table of information from an
Excel file for the Web, I've used a number of editors to work on the list
(well, Excel, Word, and NVU).  I guess, looking back, this was a bad idea as
the code is now an absolute mess - the text sizes are all over the place
(i.e. will look fine in any of the editors but then multiple sizes in a web

Specifically, one of the programs seems to have inserted <h2> </h2> around
about half of the entries (lets say about 100).  There are also some other
size-related codes inserted that I'd like to remove.  NVU has an option to
remove all style info, but there are links, anchors, and bold/italics
information that I don't want to lose.  Without hand-deleting all this
business, is there a (text-editing or html) program that has functions like

delete all occurances of the following "<h2>


thanks for any advice.

Re: cleaning up html code

edgy wrote:
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All the miracle tool "search and replace" on just about every text
editor. Search for "<h2>" replace with "" then search for "</h2>"
replace with "". Very low-tech...

Take care,


Re: cleaning up html code

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I knew it would be something simple!

Thank-you Jonathan...

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