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Does anyone know the best way to cite resources from web pages in an
academic report? Any recommendations?


Re: Citing Web References

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You'll want to get hold of the current (or any fairly recent) edition of the
MLA Handbook; it explains how to cite various types of internet references
in detail.

Any library (or good bookstore) should have it.

cheers ~

Re: Citing Web References


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Have you checked a style manual from whatever source your organization
thinks is authorative (e.g., in many academic institutions in the US
that would usually be the Chicago Manual of Style)?

See, e.g.:



Nick Theodorakis
nicholas_theodorakis [at] urmc [dot] rochester [dot] edu

Re: Citing Web References

Michael wrote:
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Not to answer your question (of course), but there was an interesting
thread on Slashdot recently about this sort of thing. The problem is
that folks aren't very careful about keeping URLs alive.

You might put a URL in your report to some incredibly useful reference
on the Web. Six months later, the URL may return nothing but a 404.
And then, someone reading your report is going to have some difficulty
tracking down your reference ... or verifying that it ever existed.

Interesting quandry.


Re: Citing Web References

Michael wrote:

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There are dozens of standards, including MLA, AP, Chicago, APA, and others
too numerous to list (not to mention a number of "home-grown" styles from
various professors). In order to be certain what your academic department
requires, check with your professor. Then, check the Web site or printed
manual for that style.


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