Chihuahua health problems

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Bringing a little Chihuahua into your family represents a lot of
responsibility that you will have for the little dog. As a toy breed
they are prone to many Chihuahua health problems and as a responsible
owner it is up to you to familiarize yourself with potential symptoms
as much as you can. You will need to know what is standard behavior
for a Chihuahua and what classifies as a symptom to a Chihuahua health
problem if you are going to truly care for your new pet.

As with any other situation involving the health of your pet one of
the best places to get advice is your vet. Sit down with your vet and
ask them about standard Chihuahua behavior and then have them tell you
some of the tell tale signs that something may be wrong. You don't
need to be a vet but you should know what type of behavior indicates
an issue. Your breeder will also supply you with a lot of helpful
information that you should review and ask your breeder any questions
you may have.

Some Chihuahua health problems arise at birth and some develop over
time but you should always be watching for any symptoms your dog may
display. A common Chihuahua health problem is the inability of the
material on the leg and around the knee to hold the kneecap in place.
This causes the kneecap to float in and out of place and can become
extremely painful for your dog. If you notice a problem with your
dog's ability to walk get them to the vet right away.

A male Chihuahua will have its testicles drop from its abdomen almost
right at birth. If it does not happen at birth then it will most
certainly happen by the time they reach adulthood. If the testicles do
not drop this is the sign of a serious medical problem and needs
attention from your vet right away so this is something you should
monitor if you notice any abnormality early in your male dog's life.

Some Chihuahua health problems you can see coming and some you cannot.
Some health issues are difficult to see yet can be very dangerous if
they are left untreated. The brain in any animal constantly has fluid
going to and from it and in a Chihuahua that flow of fluid can
sometimes get blocked causing a swelling on the brain. This is an
extremely serious health issue and can sometimes be found by your vet
during a regular appointment. It is a good idea to monitor your
Chihuahua's health in between regularly scheduled appointments because
you never know what can happen.

Many toy breeds of dog can get crystal in their urine and this can
cause a blockage and major health issues. A Chihuahua shares this
potential condition with the other toy breeds but some health issues
are exclusive to the Chihuahua. You never know and that is why regular
vet appointments are so very important to the health of your dog.

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