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I have a web page that was designed by editing the page the "old way"
---no program. Now that the page is widely distributed I am getting
feedback that some monitors have different resolutions and I need to
change the size of the
page. How can I accomplish this now?
the page in question is here:
Thank You
William Schroeder

Re: Changing Size of Web page

On Thu, 29 May 2008 05:43:21 -0700 (PDT), ""

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I'm no expert, but one thing I noticed is, you fail to close the first
table. Which should be a division. Use CSS for the text centering and

All of those "Ad" tables should also be dvisions. Unless you plan on
putting something else beside them later, you should "float" them side
by side. If you insist on using tables, then put 3 or 4 per row.

Re: Changing Size of Web page

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Americans have so much fun.  I want to go barbecruising.


Re: Changing Size of Web page wrote:

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You need to design pages that will fit (nearly) all browsing situations.

You should also assign a background color to that page. My default
purple doesn't work well...  ;-)  Learn CSS.

   -Friends don't let friends drive Windows

Re: Changing Size of Web page

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I have forgotten, do you really have purple for bg? Why, to catch out if
you forget to assign a bg in your own work?


Re: Changing Size of Web page

dorayme wrote:

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Or unsuspecting authors who post here...  <lol>

It's a light purple .. more of a lavender actually.

   -Friends don't let friends drive Windows

Re: Changing Size of Web page

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Validation of the html returns 141 errors...

I'd say you need to "bone-up" a little on your pagemaking skills.

Neredbojias /
Great sights and sounds

Re: Changing Size of Web page

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Time to learn some CSS, some more recent HTML coding style, and mostly
what a "fluid design" is all about. Search this ng and c.i.w.a.h for
the next clues and the books to read (Head First / Lie & Bos).

Here's a quick hack at it

This is just your page, with the addition of the well-known 3 column
CSS layout from

This re-sizes pretty well, for a mixture of font sizes and window
widths. All I did here (5 minutes work, you have to pay for 6) was to
attach the Bluerobot CSS, wrap the big <table> in the "content"
column, change the advert tables to <div>s  and twiddle a few bits of
CSS to change the look from Bluerobot's default.

Note the following:

* There's a bunch of invalid markup in here, mainly unclosed elements.
Learn what a HTML validator is.

* The CSS is an embedded stylesheet, for your reading pleasure. On a
live site it should be external.

* You can improve the markup a lot, especially the ads. I did the
first couple.

* The detail formatting is how Bluerobot left it. Rest is up to you.

* It doesn't re-size for every combination in the world. When it gets
tight, the ads run over the table. I did this because that's how
Bluerobot works to start with and it's near enough for jazz. It's
changeable, if you have strong feelings that it should work
differently. There's no perfect fix for everyone, it's a question of
picking your favourite compromise in the extremes. Play with it - play
with different window sizes, with different font sizes.

No doubt others will have comments.

Re: Changing Size of Web page

As one can see from my previous posts, I know little, if anything about
HTML.  Thank goodness for you guys helping me.

Even though I am not a web designer, I am a writer.  One company that I work
for displays my articles on the web, as well, so I need to know exactly how
many people:  Use one type of browser over many
colors.......what resolutions....aspect ratios.....etc.

There are several sites which do this.  Just Google, for example, "What is
the average monitor resolution?" and you'll get back over 6 million pages.

This chart is for browser use:

And, there are charts for all of the subjects mentioned above and more.  For
example, Opera may be a great browser, but only 1.4% of people use it.

So, if you are making a chart for yourself, fine.  But, if you are making it
for other people to read, then get the stats and find out what they like.

For example, right now, in developed nations, the majority of users are
running at 1024 x 768.  Here is a world map, country by country:

There are many other specific sites, too.

I hope this helps.            Jim

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Re: Changing Size of Web page

Jim wrote:

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That gives stats on monitor resolution, which is unimportant.

My monitor (screen) resolution is 1680x1050 - a 22" wide-screen - but my
browser window is *never* maximized. Normally it (they) is around
850x600 or so pixels in size. I almost always have more than one window
open. Sometimes multiple browsers .. my editor .. an email program ..
maybe even on multiple desktops.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

My guess is that people with 800x600 monitor resolution might (maybe)
have their browser windows maximized. People at 640x480 most certainly.

But again, the screen size doesn't matter. You need to design your site
to work in the best of all worlds... says:

So there are two accurate answers to "Which resolution should I design

  * All of them
  * None of them

<snip rest>

   -Friends don't let friends drive Windows

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