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Re: Changing scrollbar color

Hans wrote:

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You should have mentioned that at the beginning of your original post.
IMO, it still does not change the issue involved.

and the reason that I want to
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What if the users, the current real ones, don't agree with you? You're
trying to override this. A web user should always be able to have
absolute veto power and control over chrome, toolbars, scrollbars, etc...

Of course that is
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Are you actually arguing that it may not be up to the user to apply
whatever theme he prefers? By trying to configure scrollbars, you are in
fact trying to impose your preference, your pseudo-"theme" on
scrollbars. Aren't you denying what you're saying up here?


Re: Changing scrollbar color

Hans wrote:
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Netscape/mozilla doesn't support styling scrollbars (fortunately).
Neither does Opera or most other browsers.

If NN7.1 happens to be your default browser, then either change your
desktop theme or browser theme if you want different scrollbars.

If you think changing the scrollbars will somehow enhance the user
experience for other visitors, you are mistaken. You are more likely
only creating a usability problem. This even got special mention in one
of Jakob Nielsen's articles:

"One particular usability problem is worth emphasizing: in several
applications, users missed many of the options because of nonstandard

The fact that the tested apps were all Flash is irrelevant, the result
is the same with pretty much any stylized widgets. The moral is: don't
mess with the UI just because you can.

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