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HI All!
I'm very fresh in .php and standalone learning through the book is literally
killing me.
I have installed shopscript which design is changed, so as i know only
basics, it's not enough to make changes in smarty php engine and the
shopscript script ...

I'm in a need to add more products_pictures. The fabula goes that it's
possible to add only one picture for one product, then you can add mini
picture and a big picture of the same product.

i just can't excerpt which parts i would need to look out and add a code.
Thanks for reading me!

I can send you www on e-mail. I'm a little shy :)

Re: changing html-php in shopscript ...

supach wrote:
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What happened when you asked the people who wrote photoscript?

Re: changing html-php in shopscript ...

That they are interested in the project which i'm working on, that i can
manage and change the whole shopscript as i whish, but that i need to let
the name of the original author somewhere on the page, which i find
They don't have services per module or similar, but only to upgrade to
professional store which's not my intention for time being. Thanks for
asking though.

Re: changing html-php in shopscript ...

supach wrote:

Are you replyint to something?

Oh yes, I see (after searching though the thread).

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I understand  each individual word you have used in your reply. I have major
difficuly understanding what these words mean in the sequence you have
presented them.

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