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Hi all I know the command for changing the cursor into a crosshair with CSS2
is ...

cursor : crosshair;

and it works... However I when I move the mouse over a link in this defined
area it changes to the usual HTML link finger pointing cursor... any way to
keep the crosshair for a link hover?

I tried the obvious ...

cusrsor-hover: crosshair;

but it did not have an effect...



Re: Changing cursor...

Domestos wrote:

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That's not obvious at all.

Imagining the element ('this defined area') that gets the crosshair is
a div with class=foobar, and the link is inside of it:

div.foobar a:hover{
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Read the specs for possible properties and values. It helps in
guessing the right one ;-)

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Re: Changing cursor...

Once upon a time *Domestos* wrote:
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Just one question out of curiosity. The "pointing cursor" (hand) is
well knowned cursor for links, I would say every single person knows
what it means when the cursor change to the pointer.

That is "light years" from what the know the crosshair stands for, and
certanly they can't understand why the cursor change to that, if the
link is not obvious in any other way.

So, why the idea of changing the cursor? What is the purpose with
that, and what benefits does it give you or any of your visitors?

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Re: Changing cursor...

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I am asking the user to 'select' a precise pixel within the box... so the
crosshair cursor is easier to use...

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