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Does anyone know of a cut/paste script that will center a webpage on a
monitor regardless of screen resolution?

Lu Ann

Re: centering web page

Oh My &deity. I switched on google gropers for a minute or three, just to
see if the spam barrage has died down. Nope, it has not...

And I come across this:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Cut/paste? The source of all the cargo cult rubbish we have seen here
from day to day for the last ten years. Next we will be wanting HTML
comments inside script elements cause that is what was pasted before! And  
BTW surely we mean copy/paste :-)

Monitor? Centre something on my *monitor*? What about my other two
monitors? Is this site to be centred across all three of them together,
or each of them singly, one by one?

Screen resolution? What does that have to do with my browser canvas size?
One might as well ask how big my mouse mat is for that is the real limit
of my interaction with a web site. If a link is off the edge of my mouse
mat then I cannot click on it ;-)

Centre? How many threads are there currently running on this very
subject? How many have there been in the last week/year? And why
centred?. Why should something be "centred"? Should a web page not use
all the available space instead of wasting it on some probably pathetic

FFS can't these people who use google groups to polute usenet not also,
or rather instead, use google groups archive to find the answers to their
absolutely trivial and mostly stupid questions that have been asked and
answered thousands of times before?

Bloody dipsticks, the lot of them! Back in the bozo bin with them all.

Killing all google groups posts
The Usenet Improvement Project:

Re: centering web page

In article

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Please search archives for a thread on my paper "Naive 'Centre
Hankering' Aesthetics" and if you need more, please send $US 1.75 for a
signed copy.


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