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I can "center" my table in a window horizontaly. Is there a way to do
that verticaly? Now I put some <BR> before the table, but the result
differs from the window size.


Re: center vertical says...
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There's no "height" attribute for the "table" element.


Re: center vertical

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Please don't give anymore advice.
There is no height attribute for table.

Here we see a 100 pct (height and width) table -
Notice how this "works".  Unfortunately, it only works because there is no
DTD.  As such, it throws  the browser into "Quirks mode".
Last I checked, it worked in all browsers.

This may be a suitable "workaround" for some people, but it is not for me. I
care about the quality of my work and I will not walk around topless with no
This is the same exact page with an HTML 4.01 Strict DTD -
Notice that despite the fact that the "height" attribute remains on the
table element, it does not show up?  This is because the browser is no
longer in "Quirks mode" but is rather following the DTD we have given to it.
(It is also still not valid markup because of the height attribute)

Now, there may be a solution to this issue, borrowed from our pal, Brucie
and a post he made to CIWAH -
This is  100% valid HTML 4.01 Strict and does what is intended by the
previous poster's bad advice.

Karl Core

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Re: center vertical

EightNineThree wrote:

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Excellent, 893, this is quite illuminating!
The third example is usable, after all, at least in some browsers: works
OK in NN7 (Mac), acceptably in Safari (small margin problems) but not in
iCab or MSIE (5.2, Mac)...sigh!... whilst the first example (no DTD)
works in all... re-sigh!...

So, stick to the first conclusion:
 > There is no height attribute for table.

François de Dardel
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Re: center vertical


Thanks a lot for all the response, but...
I tried the solution from Brucie, but it dosn't work for tables < 100%.
I am not yet so familiar with real HTML, maybe thats the problem. The
problem page is:

Any advice?

Thanks and greetings...

EightNineThree wrote:

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