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Re: cellpadding and cellspacing problem

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Are you implying that I said that?

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I don't think so... but you might want to re-read my messages.


Re: cellpadding and cellspacing problem

K. wrote:

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If you give the images in the first and second row of the table an
extra attribute: style="display:block;", then the lines will
disappear. They are caused by the space that is below text and
inline-images, to make room for descenders of letters like g,j,p,q,y.

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Re: cellpadding and cellspacing problem

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The white line prob has been addressed and you have two excellent
answers. If you go with Els' you can simply put a line in your
style sheet for all images (rather than pick out particular
images), img

Not sure why you have image map for the top banner? Do you need
to have link for it?

In fact, considering the errors in the page, why not simplify it
greatly. Either as a table or as not. The table idea first:

First row would be just a cell with your Baner.gif, second row
would be a row with 5 cells, in each a simple text link, you can
recommend a font and specify a starting size. This would have the
advantage of scaling with the text size of the user, not using
more bandwidth to transmit pictures etc.  If you must have images
for the links, no need for all the image map code. Imagemaps come
into their own when you have a big picture and want to link to
bits of it. There is not much point in having an image map if you
are already splitting up the image anyways into separate images.
Third row is paragraph text with a centered HeyKasiaNosowska.jpg.
Enclose text in <p>s, style them if necessary.


<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD html 4.01//EN"
        "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd ">

to head your html and use a proper validator (see JK's
suggestion) to check up on your code.

If you have time, forget about the table structure for so simple
a site, consider using (as a simple suggestion), a div for the
head, an inline list for the navigation, and another div to hold
the bottom with paragraphs and images. Look up inline lists on

Just some suggestions!


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