Cell resizing anomaly in IE

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I found an interesting problem with IE  (and only IE) where it will resize a
cell based on a cell in the row below it.

In this test I have a table with 2 rows with multiple cells.

The problem is that a cell in that a couple of cells in the 1st row change
size when some text is added in a cell in the 2nd row.

I have 2 sample screens that illustrate the behavior.  The only difference
between the 2 screens is that there are a couple of characters added in the
temp.htm screen which changes the size of the cells above.  You can add
about 55 characters and nothing will happen.  Then when you add another
character - the cells above change size (even though most of the cells are
of a specified width).  Also, the cell below is nowhere full when this
happens.  It would make sense if you had reached the boarder of the cell -
but you are nowhere near it.



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