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Caste systems have existed throughout history and throughout th

world, but the most well-known caste system today is the Indian Varn

The word caste is derived from the Portuguese or Spanish word casta

meaning lineage, breed or race

Anthropologists use the term more generally to refer to a social grou

that is endogamous and occupationally specialized; such groups ar
common in highly stratified societies with a very low degree o
social mobility. Broadly understood, South Africa during the era o
apartheid, the practice of slavery in the antebellum South of th
United States through the Civil Rights movement, colonial Lati
America under Spanish and Portuguese rule (see Casta), and Indi
prior to 1947 were all class and caste-based societies

Caste is not unique to Hinduism. Aside from India, caste systems stil

exist today in other parts of South Asia, and some countries in Afric
have equivalents of the Untouchables (Dalit) as a small proportion o
the population
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