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cannot set the value in the html ??

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If I do the following, the browse text box still cannot see
C:/hello world/test.txt.

<input type="file" name="fileName"  value="C:/hello world/test.txt" size=80>

Any ideas? and workarounds to this problem? thanks!!

Re: cannot set the value in the html ??

In alt.html  Matt said:

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   v      o      i      c      e      s

Re: cannot set the value in the html ??

While the city slept, brucie (shit@usenetshit.info) feverishly typed...

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Interesting article.

I considered using something like this on a site I was recently working on.
The users can post memo's to be viewed by other users, and they can upload
an "attached" file to go with it. The user has the option to modify any
memo's they have posted, and I originally thought it could be useful to
populate the file input field with the original file they uploaded. Then I
realised that - apart from any other considerations - the original file
could quite easily have been moved from its previous location, or even
deleted altogether. Furthermore, it could have been modified into a version
they don't want to share, and would then be uploaded against their will
unless they specifically removed it. Quickly decided it would be a much
better idea to just let the user select which file they want to send, if


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