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I'm in the middle of writing CMS. One part of the
CMS allows users to create there own pages with my
header and my footer.

As a part of the CSS I have a line that changes
the look of all links. eg. removed underline,
changed colours etc. (a {} a:hover{} etc)

Is it possible for me to make and exception to
this? For example, everything within a <div> to be
able to be changed to what the user that created
the page wants?

All users are editing via a built in form that has
a WYSIWYG editor in it. The Editor converts to
plain html.

Any ideas?

Re: Cancel out CSS

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someone else probably has the answer. your idea reminds me of some stylesheet-
related bookmarklets (which are javascript)

is this following paragraph part of the same goal?

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so the in-page editor makes the style changes to itself, then produces a plain
text page
of something else?   :-)

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Re: Cancel out CSS

Quasimido CSS wrote:
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The Editor creates a HTML page that is then stored
in a database and through PHP inserted between a
header and a footer on the final page. This allows
the user to create there own page that is apart of
our intranet.

Unfortuatly, because of my CSS I have converted
all links to black with no underline, and it
underlines when they hover. What I'm wondering is,
for these particular pages, can I cancel this out
and allow them to make their links any shape or
size they want. But I don't want to take the
default, because of other pages I have built.

Can this be done?

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