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I am a game player involved with a particular game website.
Geocaching for the curious.
Every player has stats that can be followed. Instead of going thru the
website, finding certain players and viewing thier numbers I made a simple
HTML page that stays on my computer. The page will pull up small stat bars
for any player I put on the page. When loaded the stat bars give the
lastest player info from the game website. I also made the stat bars a
clickable link to the players profile page which can then lead to a
dedicated stat page, both of which reside on the game website.

Is there a way for my page to tell me when a players numbers have changed?
Perhaps a date showing the last time thier dedicated stat page has changed?

The only method I have now is to memorize each players numbers, then if I
recognize a change, go check thier progress at the game website.

I hope my explanation is clearer than mud. Thanks for reading.

Re: Can this be done

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Hmmm, it's a little bit muddy this end.  However...

Perhaps the easiest way to achieve what you want would be to store
player's stats in a file, and then compare these with those that are
live on the web site when your page is loaded.  Any difference between
the two would indicate that something has changed.
Martin Jay

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