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Re: Can I do this in Frontpage?

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Head First, or htmldog

Both are accurate, not wrong, not misleading. Head First in particular
teaches a good "mindset" that you can build on afterwards.

W3Schools is sometimes right, but only by accident. They make no more
attempt to teach a real _understanding_ of HTML, or good current
practice, then those old 3.2 sites that merely listed tags.

I'm _very_ fussy. The biggest gripe I can find in Head First is a
minor point over font sizing.

Re: Can I do this in Frontpage?

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Andy, I agree with everything you said in your excellent post. I 100%
agree with you on

 Avoid anything from M$oft

 Avoid W3Schools.

 Avoid Dreamweaver.

One very small improvement I would like to add to your post would be
to say "Try KompoZer 0.7.10 (or better) if you insist on WYSIWYG"
since KompoZer is the unofficial bug-fix release of Nvu 1.0 and since
it can have W3C HTML TIdy embedded (via HandCoder 0.3.4).

KompoZer 0.7.10: /

HandCoder 0.3.4: /

Latest HTML Tidy for Windows:

Regards, G=E9rard
Internet Explorer 7 bugs: =

Re: Can I do this in Frontpage?

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This depends on the server-side coding platform you're using, which is
related to the hosting you're using. You'll probably use PHP and MySQL
(search for "LAMP"),  but you could use M$oft tools instead. You might
even use Ruby, Python, Java or whatever takes your fancy.

This is _not_ a "password protection" system as it's widely thought of
(so .htaccess won't help). Think of it more like a normal ecommerce
"shopping cart".

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You can't afford to write this from scratch, there's no reason why you
should need to, and the skills needed to do it well are significant.

Instead I'd look at taking a standard off-the-shelf (either commercial
or open source) ecommerce package and adapting it for uyour particular
shop. The web is always about selling photos of things: it doesn't
make much difference if these are photos of books or photos of photos.

Search around. There are probably shop engines around geared
specifically to photographs (I know there are, but the ones I worked
on were high-ticket). You can also find photo-shop services that will
host the whole operation for you (This is almost certainly the only
practical option for you overall, in terms of skills, budget,
timescale and quality).

Also ask other photoraphers, or simply search their websites and read
the credits.

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That's pretty easy. If you go the pre-built route, you'll get it

Where you'd run off the edge of standard e-shops is in delivering
photographs electronically. Most assume a physical warehouse and
physical shipping as the fulfillment mechanism, which stops as soon as
they've displayed the necessary orders. You're going to need more,
which might even include things like digitally watermarking the image
files you sell.

There's also a complex ingest process for all this, one that shouldn't
be underestimated. How do you get all these images loaded?  How do you
do it at high quality, when there are six different formats and sizes
to keep track of, associated descriptive metadata, and an inward
invisible watermarking process that's too  slow to do while-you're-
waiting?  Now make it hold a few thousand images at print quality,
integrate it with a film-scanning operation and you've got a serious
piece of work (BTDT).

Re: Can I do this in Frontpage?

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Frontpage is intended for people who are writing static web pages. If
you are looking for a similar tool for writing web applications that
interact with the user, then Microsoft and others offer more
appropriate tools. See < .
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You could probably achieve a primitive version of this using JAlbum
< to create directories of each client's
photographs and the .htaccess file of the Apache Web Server
< to provide
password protection for each directory. Try it. Even if you don't like
the result it will give you an idea of the scale of the task ahead and
almost nothing that you learn will be wasted.
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Now you are talking about a full blown e-commerce web site with the
added difficulties of displaying photographs. The time required to
build such a site in-house is measured in man years of a staff of
experienced programmers. What is your time frame?

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