Can anyone tellme the salaries of web designers in india and abroad

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Can anyone tellme the salaries of web designers in india and abroad

Or the salaries in Indian Companies for Web Designers or Web

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Re: Can anyone tellme the salaries of web designers in india and abroad

NetBuddy wrote:
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Do you want the salary of an individual or the cost of using them?
While one may find the physical salaries are lower than those (say) in
the US, the other associated costs can actually end up making a project
more expensive.

MCI.Worldcom (now verizon) found this out when they tried to have an
Indian company re-write a web based application.  They have since
abandoned the project and it was re-re-developed using local talent.

Some additional costs:
Communication.  Things that are obvious to one culture are not
necessarily obvious to others.  There can be a huge communication gap
causing many re-writes of the same code.  Either because you were not
capable of communicating what you really wanted, or they just did not

Time difference:
Working with a company that is almost at a complete 12 hour reversal of
your normal work hours can be difficult.  Late night or very early
morning meetings do not do a lot for moral.

Moral in general:
There can be animosity between the different groups.  ESPECIALLY if
some of your friends have been laid off to give the project to some one
in a different country.

Physical communication costs:
Long distance meeting are generally less productive, and cost much
more.  They are less productive because the analyst and the developers
(or users and developers) are not in the same room.  Accents, do not
carry over a phone line well.  Even if you have the additional cost of
a video conference, it is still not the same as being there.

Project managers (usually at the home site) can find it harder to
communicate with developers long distance.  Mostly for the reasons
listed above.

So the "salary" may be lower, there are additional costs one has to
look at, and this hardly covers the total list of the additional costs.

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