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Hello all,

I was wondering what would be the best free way to add simple and printable
calendars to webpages?

I've used the standard hard coding a pure HTML table (but it's a pain to
renumber them for every month and are very limited).  I've seen programs to
make calendars but most only save you the numbering, still very limited.

Mostly what I'm looking for is an easy way to make something that looks even
slightly better then a table.  For example events that last more then a day
or two actually going over those days, also any other options. Outlook's
(XP) exported calendar seems to do this, but doesn't always seem to get all
the events (if you have more then 1 or two on the same day) and their
calendars aren't that modifiable if at all. I also want to add links to
event information.

So is there any other better options then pure HTML table?  Some other form
of scripting?  Something pre-existing available?  Or does anyone know of any
forms of calendar hosting services that a business can use for free.

I know probably a lot to ask, but thought I'd see if anyone has any ideas.

Thanks in advance,

Re: Calendar Options

On Fri, 20 Feb 2004 09:39:19 GMT, "Steven LaPha Jr."

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There are a ton of calendar scripts out there. For example, see:


Some of them are even free.


Nick Theodorakis
nicholas_theodorakis [at] urmc [dot] rochester [dot] edu

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