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I'm a student taking a web authoring class. My teacher has asked us as
part of an on-going lab to write a 3 page website for a fict. company.
Everything has to be hand coded. We aren't able to use frames for this
part of the lab. The first page is the home page, second is a company
calendar page, and the third is a contact page.

I have figured out how I'm going to code the first and third page, but
having difficulty figuring out the calendar page. I have already
sketched out the layout. There will be a banner at the top, a navigation
table on the left, a important dates link on the right, and the calendar
in the middle. The specs are that the links table be no more than 25%. I
had planned on making the left and right no more than that; probably
20%. The calendar has to be done as a table. The teacher wants the
calendar to be placed vertically down the page. I'm guessing that I will
have to make either 3 columns of 4 tables for each month or 4 columns of
3 tables. I hope this makes sense!

Is there any source code or web sites that have something similar that I
can use as a guide or can someone give me an idea of how to place the
code so that each month will be set correctly?

I would appreciate any help you guys might be able to give me.

Thanks for your help!



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Re: calendar help

I have several calendars running that have generated tables, you can use
the source codeif you would like, it will save you loads of hand editing

good luck

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