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I am new to html coding but have learnt quite a bit. Somewhere I read how to
cache an image on the users PC (when using the same image more than once on
the same page) to save on having to download the image for each instance it
has to be displayed. Problem is I can't remember where I read it and I would
love to, no, I really need to use this feature.

Can someone please help me here?


Re: Cache images

Bokkie wrote:
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just use the same url to reference the image *every* time you use it and it
will only be downloaded once.

<img src="whatever.gif">
<img src="">
for example

William Tasso -

Re: Cache images

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The browser handles the cache on its own. It used to be you could
assure caching by using a full pathname rather than a relative path
for the image, but a quick check of my cache here indicates that
everything gets saved these days. You should explore the cache
settings on your own browser, and poke around to find the cache
(Windows/Temporary Internet Files (for MSIE), or Program
Files/Netscape?Users/(your username)/Cache for Netscape) to see how
this works. The cache files are a treasure trove of images, CSS files,
and JavaScript routines. It's quite an education for you... or for
someone else poking through your computer, like you Significant

---- jerry (WikiWriter lives at )

Re: Cache images

and then Bokkie said:

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This is done automatically without yuo even thinking about it in any browser
worth tuppence.

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