Bypassing "click here" screen

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I have some code to pass the userid/password to a site; it works fine except
that the user must click on a button to continue through to the site. Is it
possible to do away with the need for this button? i.e. have the user pass
through to the site immediately the form is submitted?

Code is -

     <TITLE>Welcome to XYZ</TITLE>
   <BODY onload'"">
   <FORM NAME=xyz ACTION=" "
       <input type="hidden" name="USERID" value="xxxx">
       <input type="hidden" name="PASSWORD" value="xxxx">
       <input name="XACTION" value="INIT" type="HIDDEN">
       <input name="ZPORT" value="200" type="HIDDEN">
       <input name="ZCLIENT" value="3" type="HIDDEN">
       <input name="LOGOFF" value=" " type="HIDDEN">
       <input name="AUTOLOGON" value="YES" type="HIDDEN">
        Click <input type="submit" value="  here  "> to contine to XYZ.



Re: Bypassing "click here" screen says...
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Do you just want to submit by pressing the enter key (isn't that the
default behaviour?) Or do you want it to "guess" when the person stopped
typing their password?

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Re: Bypassing "click here" screen

At the moment, users click a link (Connect to XYX). They then get the "Click
here to go to XYZ" button. I want them to go straight to XYZ without having
to press the "Click here to go to XYZ" button. They don't need to type in
the password, as that is included in the html of the Connect to XYZ link.
Hope this makes sense!

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Re: Bypassing "click here" screen says...
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You should probably post a URL showing what you want.  Maybe a sample if
you can not post the original.

Also, in this forum, it is customary to put the text you are replying to
at the top, like this post.

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Re: Bypassing "click here" screen


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It sounds like you will have to modify the script that is handling the  
form to send the user to the appropriate page. The handling script is the  
one in the "action" attribute of the form element. If it's on your server,  
we might be able to help you adjust it. :)

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Re: Bypassing "click here" screen

BernieH wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

If I understand you correctly, you almost have it working as you want,
looks like a typo nailed you:

Change this:

<BODY onload'"">

to this (using forms collection):

<BODY onload="document.forms['xyz'].submit()">

Re: Bypassing "click here" screen - thanks and another question

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Thanks to all who made suggestions. This solved the problem! The page now
goes straight to the "search" screen of the site.

One more question, if I may. Firstly, I should say that the site is not on
my server, so I can't fiddle with any of the server code; and it is a
password protected library catalogue, so I can't supply the logon details
etc so you can check how things work for yourself. Hopefully I can explain
the next problem well enough, though. I'm not sure if it is even possible to
do what I want.

OK, the (fixed!) code I supplied in my original message enters the userid
and password details and now takes me straight to a search screen (beauty!)

What I'd like to do is have the search screen already populated with the
search terms. Looking at the code of the search page, I can see the fields
etc that I need to insert my search terms in; but how to do that, I don't

The search terms will originate from an OpenURL link resolver; so I firstly
need to insert them into my userid/password form. How to do this?

Then once I have the search terms in my userid/password form, how do I pass
them onto the search page?

Is this even possible to do?

The target search page, by the way, is not OpenURL-compliant; so I'm trying
to figure out a workaround.



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