Buttons from different form in one line.

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How one can solve the following problem with the HTML. I have 3
buttons, the first 2 belong to the first form and the last button
belongs to the second form. I would like to put the first button on
the top (in the first line) and another two buttons, which belong to
different form, I would like to put on the bottom (in the second

I tried do solve this problem with the usage of tabel:
<td colspan="2"> [the 1st button]</td>
<td>[The 2d button]</td>
<td>[The 3d button]</td>

However, the above construction cannot be validated because I use the
following ordering of the tags:

and the correcto ordering is:

Could you pleas help me to solve the problem?

Re: Buttons from different form in one line.

Scripsit showandbeshown@gmail.com:

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Just stop creating such problems, mm'kay? Such a setting is very
confusing. The user wouldn't know what each button "does".

As a rule of thumb, a page should contain at most one form. When
different operations are needed, use form fields to select an option and
write the form handler with corresponding branching in its code.

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So why do you use wrong syntax if you know the right one?

If you really think you want to create the problem, post the URL, and
someone will probably help you to find the right approach to the
original problem.

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

Re: Buttons from different form in one line.

On 14 Dec, 01:24, showandbesh...@gmail.com wrote:
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If you use multiple tables, I believe this will validate:

 <tr><td colspan="2"> [the 1st button]</td></tr>
 <tr><td>[The 2d button]</td><td>[The 3d button]</td></tr>

You could use CSS and spans/paragraphs.

Alternatively you may be able to use Javascript (so one form but the
action/target differs based on which button is clicked). I have used
this method and am currently using/working with a script but it needs
refining - I found it through google.


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