Bug in IE7? margin/padding

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Hello again

URL: http://www.thinklab-consulting.ch/demo02 /

On IE7 I get the effect, that the gray horizontal "bar" on the
left doesn't always have the same width when viewing the site
with IE7. FF is ok.

Please compare the images to see what effect I mean:

Vertical bar behind images as wanted:

Vertical bar too narrow:

Thanks for any advice!

Re: Bug in IE7? margin/padding

"Arto Steiner"  wrote in message

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I dont have idea how to resolve your issue,but i have noticed inproper
display of fonts in IE6

Re: Bug in IE7? margin/padding

correction,screenshot is "ok" but windows dont show font in texarea unless i
select them with mouse.Also FF and Opera are showing it properly

Re: Bug in IE7? margin/padding

Hi Arto,
I had a similar problem.
If you scale down the width of your IE Browser very slowly, you will see
that there is a space appearing  at the right side of the word portrait.
Just the same was in my style sheet and Beauregard told me to minimize
px styling - better avoid it.
I exchanged as much as possible to em and the space is not appearing
now. And - your gray horizontal "bar" jumps when the space appears.

Hope that helps

Arto Steiner schrieb:
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Re: Bug in IE7? margin/padding

Knut Krueger wrote:
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  And if the horizontal spacing is not required to be a fixed width, use
percentages to set the spacing.
  IE6 and earlier have a problem with rounding to integer values and that
can have odd effects. Apparently IE7 has merely changed the form of that

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