Browser testing, FF, IE, Opera...Nestcape?

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I use FF1.5 as my default browser, when I make changes to my pages I test
them with IE, (6) and Opera, (8.5). I also use Lynx to make sure that looks
ok on a text browser.

While talking to a friend he suggested that I tested with Netscape as well.

I think that it might be a bit of an overkill, what do you think?
And if I use Netscape, maybe I should also test on older versions of the
browsers, IE 5.5, FF 1.0 and so on.

Where does the testing end?

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Re: Browser testing, FF, IE, Opera...Nestcape?

Simon wrote:

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I think it's still worthwhile testing in IE 5.0 and 5.5. I don't expect
things to look perfect in them, but it's worth making sure there are no

I also make sure things are working in Safari, and that there are again no
show-stoppers in Opera 7, Mac IE and Konqueror 3.x, though I don't always
expect *perfect* results in them.

Overall I have roughly 50 browsers on my various systems; I don't test
every page in every browser, but it's good to have them around when there
are certain aspects of a design that you know from experience might cause
problems with certain browsers.

More importantly though, make sure you test at a variety of browser canvas
and font sizes.

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Re: Browser testing, FF, IE, Opera...Nestcape?


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It depends on the nature of your page.  I agree with your initial method,
which is what I test, myself.  Netscape has a few "special" quirks that you
may wish to check for, but unless your page is super-critical, meaning
something like a bank page or a high-level commercial page with credit-card
functions, etc., I think the "big 3" are enough.  I've also quit checking
older versions of any browser because IE6 is at least 6 or 7 years old, and
the other main browsers never really established a large user-base on prior
versions (-in regard to users likely to retain old versions when new ones
are available).  (-The exception is Netscape 4 or below, but that is now

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