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 How goes the browser wars? I realize different stat collections will
represent different slices of the market.

 Is Netscape NS7.1 making any headway? This looks like the one modern NS
browser with decent performance.

 How many NS4 holdouts?

 What about the others (Opera, ICE ...)? And obsolete browsers like IE4 and
early Opera.,AOL...?

  Where's the Mac OS share?

I seem to be seeing 99% IE5+, <1% NS4 and negligible other. Can't see any


Re: browser market share stats

Jeff Thies said:

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and there is no reliable way to determine what the user agent is so just
make a number up you think sounds right.

Why Webbrowser statistics lie and just don't say anything
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04/December/2003 04:12:23 am kilo

Re: browser market share stats

Jeff Thies wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

From what I can gather, things look a bit like this:

IE 6            70%
IE 5.5            7%
IE 5            5%
Netscape 4        1%
Gecko-based        9%
Opera            2%
KHTML-based        2%

This is collated from a range of different sources.

Trends show that IE 6 is creeping up, Netscape 4 and earlier versions of
IE are plummeting and the others mentioned are growing fairly steadily.

Expect Opera's market share to rise dramatically when Macromedia start
using the Presto engine in their products (this has already been announced).

Of course, on some sites, such as ones aimed at a more technical audience,
this will differ. For example, from my logs:

IE (all versions)    60%
Gecko-based        25%
Opera            10%
KHTML-based        3%
Text browsers        1%

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Re: browser market share stats

Here's my web server stats from PERIODICOS.WS which is hosted on SIMONWEB.COM
for $6.95 a month.

PERIODICOS.WS is a directory of Spanish-language newspapers, a directory
written in Spanish and English and it gets hits from the USA and the
Spanish-speaking world.

Note that in some cases the name of the browser ends with a numeral such as
Website Downloader 18 which accounted for 3 hits. This makes it understandable
when you read that line.

MSIE 55782  95.706%
Mozilla 1012  1.736%
Googlebot 284  0.487%
Mozilla (compatible) 644  1.105%
Scooter 183  0.314%
FAST-WebCrawler 44  0.075%
TurnitinBot 40  0.069%
TE 40  0.069%
Opera 120  0.206%
MSProxy 24  0.041%
NPBot (http: 6  0.010%
Java 3  0.005%
SAGEM-myX-5m 3  0.005%
Myzilla 3  0.005%
Baiduspider+(+http: 3  0.005%
WebTV 11  0.019%
Website Downloader 16 3  0.005%
Website Downloader 18 3  0.005%
WebTrafficExpress 7  0.012%
Website Downloader 27 2  0.003%
[not listed: 25] 68  0.117%

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