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Where do I add <code>target = '_blank' </code> to this code for

The code below opens a box in a google map and displays some data
from a MySql table within. The map is displayed in an iFrame(I know,
not the best way to do it). At the moment, clicking on the generated
link in the box causes the resulting webpage to open in the iFrame.
Instead I would like it to open in a new page.

Can you tell me where I am going wrong?

echo "var point = new GLatLng(" . $row['field_5'] . "," .
$row['field_4'] . ");\n";
echo "var marker = createMarker(point, '" .
addslashes($row['field_1']) . "<br /><a href=\"" .
$row['field_2'] . "
\">". $row['field_2'] ."</a><br .>" . $row['field_3'] .  "',4);
echo "map.addOverlay(marker);\n";
echo "\n";


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