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Hello All,

I'm recently self-employed, and I'm trying to put together a website.
The first of my problems is that I have a nice intro across the top of the
page, nice font, color, size, etc.
All looks great, but when I look at the website from another computer, my
nice intro goes to two lines, because of the smaller screen size.

As I'm sure this is one of the first problems a lot, if not most people
encounter, could someone enlighten me as to how should go about fixing it?

I'm using Word  to build my site, if that helps.

Thank You,

Re: Brand Newbie!!!

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First thing, do not use Word to build your web site.  Word is for Word
Processing.  Although Front Page was created to do that job, I would leave
it alone as well.  

Second, go through some of the HTML tutorials, you could start at .  That might give you a basic understanding of
what you are trying to do.

Third, use a text editor, preferably with syntax highlighting.  I happen to
prefer .  You might want to open your page in
HTML-Kit and use Tidy with the Strip Surplus Tags option.  

Adrienne Boswell
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Re: Brand Newbie!!!

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Why is it a bad thing that it goes onto two lines? What's the
alternative? That the user has to scroll horizontally? That the text
gets smaller and thus harder to read?

Post a URI so we can see why having the text wrapping is such a

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Don't fix it, it's working fine would be my first suggestion.

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No, that doesn't help. Word usually outputs very poor quality HTML.


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Re: Brand Newbie!!!

Thanks for the quick response,

OK, here goes, please don't laugh too loud. /
Also, I figured out how to hyperlink from the two small Jpeg's to large ones
using a new page, but how can I get the mouse icon to change when I hover
over the two pix on the home page to show peeps that there's a larger
version availible?

Thanks again for your help, and i will also take your and Adrienne's advice
and find a different way to create my website then using word.
But for now it's what I can do.


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Re: Brand Newbie!!!

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You need to think carefully about this.  I take it you're not designing
web sites for a living.  This is what I see:

I've scaled the image, and the black lines were added by me to show
where the visible area on my screen (1024x768) is.

If you need a web site now, get a template from somewhere and fill that
in.  Or pay someone.

Hywel     I do not eat quiche /

Re: Brand Newbie!!!

 Muggs wrote:

 > Thanks for the quick response,

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"MSO" is a new one on me. Out of curiosity I tried it in netscrape 4.7 and
it worked just fine.
To make the thumbnail a link, you'd have to use a map of the image then in
the definition of the map link to the larger image and open accordingly.

Or do it the way irfanview does:
<TD ALIGN=CENTER VALIGN=BOTTOM><FONT face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica,
Sans-Serif" size="-2"><A HREF="0004.html" style="text-decoration:none">
<IMG SRC="0004_t.jpg" BORDER="0" ALT="0004.html"><BR>0004.jpg<BR>299.93

Using irfanview, you could easily create your own thumbnail sheet quick and
add in the background and you're done.

Re: Brand Newbie!!!

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The best advice I could give is ditch Word for web design. As a beginner
it'll cripple you, although probably not physically.

Learn HTML and CSS, there are plenty of excellent tutorials out there.
Or, as already suggested, grab a template from a free templates site and
go from there.

When I look at your Gallery as it is, I can't help feel it'd look so
much more professional if given a look similar to this: (but less scary to children)

It's a simple and highly effective approach to any kind of image

You could also do with re-wording, and adding to, your content. Your
Services page is a tad uninspiring, to say the least.

Anyway, good luck with it!

Daniel Ruscoe

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