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Re: Boycott Pop-Ups

While the city slept, Boycott Pop-ups! ( feverishly

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Would you prefer to start paying to visit some sites then? To be honest, I
prefer pop-ups to the old-style banner ads - especially back when I was on
dial-up - as you can close the window to preserve the bandwidth for the page
you want to view instead of having to download the page and the ad together.

I would say that pop-unders are far more insiduous, as quite often you don't
realise they are there until you start tabbing through the various programs.

Saying that, I use the pop-up stopper on the Google toolbar which stops most
of them (except for "requested" pop-ups which I think is a useful feature),
so I rarely see an unsolicited pop-up / under these days. Of course, I
appreciate the irony here considering the first sentence of my post! ;-)

*ahem* "This post has been sponsored by E-Z-Usenet!"


Nigel Moss
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Re: Boycott Pop-Ups

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Page not found. :(

I already boycott pop-ups by choosing not to view them.  Thank you
Firefox ( /). :)

I stuck the good old MS Internet Explorer for a long time because
several of the web sites I visit regularly rendered badly in Firefox and
Opera, and I found Google's Toolbar a useful tool for blocking popups.
See /.

Firefox and Opera now seem to render badly designed web pages much
better now. :)
Martin Jay

Re: Boycott Pop-Ups

Martin Jay wrote:
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That's because IE doesn't like to play by the rules. ;)


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