bottom_align of float:left elements

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I have several <div> </div> elements that are float:left.
they consist of an image and a text below it. The images however are all
different size, specifically height.

I have assigned a static height and width for all the elements, 100x100px.
However,I want to have the text below the pictures all in one line.

So how do I assign the vertical alignment? I tried within the divs and also
wrap them into an aditional div with that feature, but it wont help.

I dont really know how to go on. To see an example of the problem, please
visit /

thank you


Re: bottom_align of float:left elements

in alt.html, Oliver Spiesshofer wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

A snipped from my old example (that is not very pretty, just proof of
consept with hacks): /
<div class="box" style="width:218px;height:auto;">
<div style="width:218px;height:168px">
<a href="slides/Coordinators.html" class="thumbimage">
<img class="thumbimage" alt="Coordinators"
src="/~egea/Photo_Gallery/Virpiniemi/thumbs/Coordinators.JPG" width="112"
<div class="thumbcomment">

To get one line, you need to use white-space:nowpap, or make sure it fits
(latter works better, or make room for 2 lines, which is not bad idea
in your case.).

Lauri Raittila < <
Utrecht, NL.

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