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The borders of the image in left-colum will give orange color by
a:hover see

a.test:link     img  { border: 2px solid #FFFFFF; }
a.test:visited  img  { border: 2px solid #FFFFFF; }
a.test:hover    img  { border: 2px solid #F04704; }
a.test:focus    img  { border: 2px solid #F04704; }
a.test:active   img  { border: 2px solid #FFFFFF; }

It works great in IE 7.0 but not in IE6.0. (In the past it did in
IE6.0 but inside <table>).

What is "a.test:focus    img" about?

All in the colums:

#column1 {
width: 260px;
height: 710px;
background: #FFFFFF;
float: left;
border-right: 1px dotted #000000;
margin: 5px 5px 0 0;

What doe I wrong???


Re: Border images a:hover

Annemie wrote:
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You're multi-posting. You also posted in c.i.w.a.stylesheets, which is
entirely appropriate. See the replies there.

Pondering the value of the UIP:

Re: Border images a:hover

John Hosking wrote:

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By which I meant, of course, that posting your query in c.i.w.a.s was
entirely appropriate, while posting in multiple places wasn't.

(* looks for medication *)


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