bookmark and iframe

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i have a problem which is really bugging me.

i have a page with an iframe in it.  i have links in the iframe. when a link
in the iframe is clicked i reload the entire window (whole browser).

the thing is, after the entire page and iframe are refreshed, i want
internet explorer to remember the part of the page in the iframe where i
clicked.  to do this i use bookmarks and pass the bookmark into the src of
the iframe.

so far so good,  but when the iframe jumps to the bookmark, it moves the
scrollbar of the main browser , and not just the iframe scrollbar.

what i want is the iframe to jump to the bookmark, but the main browser
window to stay at the top of the page.

any idea how i could do this?

i really hope there is a solution, otherwise i have just wasted about a
weeks worth of project time doing it this way :-(

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