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If your domain name expires by even 1 day, shithole charges you
80 dollars to get it back.

All other registrars give you a grace period to get your domain back at regular

Do not buy domains from godaddy or you will be sorry!

Godaddy sucks ass!  Do not do business with godaddy!


Entity Anonymous spoke thus:

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Hey liar, I have an expired domain at Godaddy for 15 days now and I just
went there and they only want $8.95 for another year. care to explain that?

Besides mental midget, Godaddy sends a 90 day notice, a 60 day notice and a
15 day notice, it's PITA.

-- Gnarlie


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Ahhh... so that's what your big gripe is all about?

Most (can't say "all", but its probably close to being "all") charge
anywhere from $5 to $200 to renew an expired domain name, with the norm
probably being around $150

Either way, you are the one who screwed up.  Its not like they don't sent
out notices months ahead of time, but even if you have alot of domain names
you should know generally when they expire or check routinely if its quite a
few and you can't remember them all

I've been using for almost 3 years now and have no complaints at
all.  I've never had a domain name expire unintentionally, but even if I did
it would be my goof and I would pay the penalty... just as if I had let my
phone, cable or electrical bill run up so high they cancelled my account - I
couldn't complain when they ask for a $40 reconnection fee, those would be
the consequences of my negligence

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