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I have a band and we are having a site being build and designed by a friend (a
young, but good web designer) right now.  He is using flash and has been able
to do some pretty cool things.  My first question is, what is the best place to
register my domain name?  And second, what is the best place to have my site
hosted.  I am new to all this and I know it all depends, so I will give you and
idea of what will be on the site.  It's not going to be a huge site, but at the
same time I don't wanna have to worry about space and bandwidth.  I say this
because we are going to have MP3 files and pictures all over the site to
promote our band of course.  And this will be our main way of promotion due to
the fact we are not touring at this time.  I don't want to spend an arm and a
leg, but at the same time I am not afraid to paid a little extra to have it up,
working, and professional.  


Re: Best Webhoster & Domain Register?

I personally like to use /. They have very fair
prices, fairer than a lot of places. They also have a good customer
support team and a dedicated community of customers.

Have a go!

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Re: Best Webhoster & Domain Register?

1. Make sure you are dealing with the webhost themselves, and not one of their
resellers. It can be hard to tell. Resellers design their sites like THEY are
the actual webhost. In reality they simply have rights to sell the webhost's
services at a fee above what the real host charges. Then of course if you have
a problem your email doesn't go directly to the real host. It goes to the
reseller doing this on the side out of his bedroom, and he'll forward your
problem to the host when he gets around to it.

2. Make sure your host has the servers located in their office. As in, they own
their own datacenter. This is important because it proves they've made a big
investment, and are not running it out of their basement in Texas with the
servers at a provider in NY. Not to mention things will be fixed quicker since
they should also have a tech on duty 24/7. Don't forget about real 24/7 support
either. Not the 24/7 support where you can email them at anytime and if the
owner just so happens to get up at 3am to take a crap and checks his email
he'll answer it.

As for hosts...

The owner of hangs around here. I've never seen anyone
complain, but I've never used them before either.

I've used in the past, and I'd use them again. Nice opperation
they've got there.

Domain names...

This really doesn't matter. Any of the well known guys will do. GoDaddy,
Dotster, NetSol, Register, etc... I use GoDaddy. It's under 10 bucks, and they
register more new domains than anyone. The big dog is NetSol, but unless you've
got a big website and everything that goes along with that then the extra $25
per year isn't even worth it in my view.

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