Best way to caption an image

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Hi folks,

I was wondering whether anyone has any ideas as to the best way to add
captions to an image? I have read Jukka's article on using tables and
the caption element, but I don't really want to do that.

Ideally I would like to set the caption in the title attribute and have
it display after the image, but I understand that CSS2 support is
required for such things.

I suppose the easiest way is to just write the caption after the image
element and style as required, but is there any way to associate that
caption with the image?

Any ideas?

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Re: Best way to caption an image

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Some things to consider:

1) No function that I know of would benefit from grouping the two. A
service such as Google Image search should [1] use the alt content to
index the image.
2) Is there really a relation between the image and the caption, and if
so does the caption add information that isn't already in the alt
3) There is a need to separate an image and it's caption from it's
surrounding content by surrounding the pair with spacing in the visual,
and pauses in the aural domains (both unstyled). This is best achieved
with paragraph markup which is also semantically the correct markup for
the alt content and the caption.

[1] Google's Image search ignores alt content on non hyperlinked images.


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