beginning web pager. Guitar Tabs!!!

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DOH! Beginning emailer, too....
here is the url...

This is a beginning web page for guitar players to use.
I tried to make it work with frames and so far, so good.
Some things I would like to do, however, are to:
1. Get the scrollbar to appear only if the person viewing it needs it (at my
resolution, I don't need it, but users have complained about not being able
to see all the songs listed). Is that even possible?
2. Make the scroll bar match one of the colors on my page, probably the

If you can be of any help, even if it is just pointing me to a concise
tutorial, please let me know....
Please be kind!

Re: beginning web pager. Guitar Tabs!!!

bjaramil wrote:

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And beginning newsgroup poster, too, this not being email?

I suspect you're also posting with a primary email address.  You can
expect plenty of nice new pink spam, now that you've offered it up
to the spammers' address harvestors.

Help yourself out a little, here: /

Happy Usenetting. (That's what this is.)

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Re: beginning web pager. Guitar Tabs!!!

As a guitar player recently in search of tabs for a few pieces to work out
for this coming Saturday night I was very pleased to see your questions.  I
hope you'll accept some constructive criticism along with advise...

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Better to find a way to do it without frames.  If you must use them, learn
to live with scrollbars.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I understand wanting to make your page "kewl", but don't.  Just don't.
Here's advice I normally charge $75/hr for: Get off the fancy design and
concentrate on content.  Don't mess with the scrollbars.  Don't play music
on the site.  And for Christ's sake the black background's got to
has it's place, but is your site about your site, our about guitar tabs?  I
hit your site thinking I might browse a bit, but the AGRESSIVE color scheme
turned me off - I clicked on one just to see and it loads white!  Suddenly
the "kewl" site looks worse than it did before with a white screen
surrounded by black/gold/red.  Ick ick ick.  (It doesn't scroll either).

If you want your site to last, to become a destination where people gather
to exchange ideas and music, ask yourself one question: What Would Amazon
Do? is readable, has no dancing (or audible) baloney, uses a
unified color scheme that's easy to read and degrades well.


 - Wm

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