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silly question, but grateful for hint

nearly all pages I visit are leaving quite a margin on left and right side
of the content on the site

Is this due to the screen resolution I use (use wide screen and screen
resolution 1440 by 900 to view the web) or intended to make web pages easier
to read, i.e. a design feature? aware of the argument fixed/fluid design etc
but somehow don't understand how this outcome is achieved/and if it is
intended - for whatever reason/purpose


Re: Beginners Question - Center Webpage on Screen

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Yes. It's a bit silly isn't it, leaving all that spare space laying around
that could be quite well used for content.

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Why do you do that? My browsers are never wider than about 900 pixels. Well,
maybe 1100 sometimes if some clueless author has decided that her page
*must* be 1100 pixels wide.

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It is achieved by carefully constructing the page so as to defeat the
browsers inbuilt ability to lay out content as it sees fit. Namely, by
specifying an exact width for, probably a div, that contains the content and
then also specifying margin: auto for that div. But, is the specified width
of that div exactly the same as the viewers canvas? Probably not.

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Lemming authors? *Everybody* has a web page that is exactly 800 pixels wide
so I should too.

What is wrong with letting the browser lay out the page so it exactly fits
into the canvas the viewer has allocated to that page?

Re: Beginners Question - Center Webpage on Screen

Carlos Kleiber wrote:
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A page can be fluidly designed and adapt to the browser's size AND still
have margins on the left and right.  My site is that way.  If you resize
the browser the pages content will adjust without breaking or requiring
a horizontal scroll (within reason of course) but there will still be
margins on each side of the content for design reasons.

Ed Mullen
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