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Hi. Hope someone can help with this obscure question.

I'm using BBEdit v 8.5. I'm not a newbie at BBEdit but nor am I an
expert. I've used earlier versions but no longer have them so can't
refer back to see if this strange thing was present then.

Create a new document. Go to save it and...what is this strange thing
at the left-hand end of the "Save As:" field that cannot be removed?
Looks like a mini-icon or pictogram.

I've searched Help. No luck. I've closely scrutinized the preferences.
Nothing about saving.

I went to the web site to download a PDF of the user manual but there
must be a site bug. Can't display (or download, consequently) the user



Re: BBEdit question

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I cannot identify what you describe in _earlier_ versions. And I
do not have your version. Why not fire off an email to



Re: BBEdit question

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Perhaps you should ask the question in <news:comp.sys.mac.apps>.

Rich Siegel who is one of the creators occasionally answers questions
there. Otherwise someone else might. My version of BBEdit is 8.2.5 which
won't help you.



Re: BBEdit question

On May 19, 2007 Gamma wrote:

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I have BBEdit version 8.6.2 but I can't work out what it is that you are
seeing. If I create a new document and then use "Save As..." all is the
same as with any other program. No mini-icon or pictogram.

It's a bit puzzling.

I wonder if I'm missing out :)

Why not try one of the Bare Bones discussion lists that you can join here:


I think BBEdit-Talk would be good for this question.

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