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I'm tring to redesign my site and want to knw what some of the "standards"
are. I read on a site that said to design for 600 pix wide for a 640 screen,
is this still the most popular? I've been using 800x600 for so long now I
don't think that but a few people are still using 640.

I use FP (03) and it still has shared borders, which would be nice, better
than frames I believe, but should I just use individual tables/cells or
layers on every page?

I haven't done a major web change in over 3 years, anything else "new" I
should look into adding/subtracting from the site?


note this is a site designed for mothers-to-be,  new mothers, and the such,
that why the "kiddie" look.


Re: Basic Design questions

Forgot, also I know how to add background sound via frontpage, but is there
a way to add a sound with an "off" button, like I've seen on other site's

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Re: Basic Design questions

Bryan wrote:
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that is a good thing to forget

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better with an 'on' button and an 'off' button - default to off on
page-load - IM(NS)HO

William Tasso -

Re: Basic Design questions

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All pages with sound already have an 'off' button - top right hand corner of
window 'X' ..  That's the one I always use (take a hint !)  :-)

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Re: Basic Design questions

On Fri, 15 Aug 2003 21:08:03 +0100, "Not in my trousers"

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Ya know...

Although I do agree with most of the posters here that sound / glitzy
animation for no purpose, etc is not my cup of tea, it is my
experience that this type of thing will draw attention and get people
to look at sites. Maybe not you or I, but a lot of people are still
enthralled with sites that make sounds and "move".

To remove some of these things entirely is just not practical in
today's advertising-centric culture. Instead of advocating their
removal, maybe we should stress their better (hopefully less
intrusive) use. Of course not all sites should have it, but depending
on the target audience, some could use it to good effect.

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