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Some HTML tags such as <ol> rsp. <ul>, and others enforce a line feed
double. This empty line might not be welcome. My respective present
problem is:

An ordered list (<ol>) takes two columns in a table. The first column
doesn't finish the last list item, so it has to be continued in the next
column. My present (not satisfying) solution:

<ol start="5">
<ul style="list-style-type: none;">
<!-- This avoids unwanted bullets. -->
<!-- This continues "sixth-". -->
<ol start="7">

"sixth-", and "ly" are properly distributed to both columns, but the list
item "seventhly" is separated by an empty line in the second column.

How can this be avoided? Being familiar with CSS I wouldn't mind to choose
a solution of that kind. It ought to lift - by which means so ever - a
text one line higher.

I already tried <ol style="position:absolute;top:...px"> in the second
occurrance of <ol>. As a result the <ul> portion was displaced to somewhere
in Neverland, overwriting later text portions. The style attribute in the
first <li> Tag of the second <ol> had the same desastrous result.

Thanks in advance for any help!



Re: Avoid empty lines

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Have you tried a zero margin-bottom on the UL and a zero margin-top on  
the OL that starts at 7?


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